Basic information about removing the fleas at dogs and cats.

The fleas belong to the most important ectoparasites of pets. There is a lot of species of fleas, however for us three of them are the most important: human's flea, dog's flea and cat's flea. They are differ in some details of anatomical signature, which are essential for entomologists. For us the most important are their feeding preferences, which appear from their names. Nevertheless each of those fleas can (for some time) parasites it means drink blood from dog, cat or human. And why? There are some points of interest, which are essencial for specialists. For us an important thing is to remember, that fleas on dog, cat or human only "feed" (drink blood) and "ride" (translocate). It lasts about one hour during twenty-four hours. The rest of its life (twenty-three hours) flea spend in the environment, so it means that flea really is a parasite of the environment and it only runs and feeds on an animal.

Adult fleas stay at animals' lie
or at other places in the house where pets e.g. carpets, floorings, furniture coverings etc. The fleas go on an animal only when they are hungry, that's why the fleas are hardly ever seen in fur of an animal. Often intensive fleas invasions are spolted by discovering their excrements, which are fixed to skin or fur of an animal in the form of tiny, black or brown grains.

At home pets
intensive fleas invasions are rureness, because if only the owners sees the fleas he starts the action of fighting against them. If that action is done well, the animal can get rid of fleas for some time or forever. But nearly every owner of an animal limits himself to use only one medicine and uses it only on the animal, but he forgets about the environment. At that time we reduce the population (number) of fleas and they are non-detectable during looking at animal's fur or even during looking for fleas' excremants. In spite of reducing the number of fleas, which becomes non-detectable for owner's eye an animal has however the symptoms of fleas invasion (it daws, licks its coat and gnaws out). Having pet which behaves like that the owner is not satisfaction, he criticises anti-fleas medicine which has been used lately and he is looking for another one (but this situation maybe repeated) or he goes to veterinary policlinic where he finds out, that his pet still has fleas and the animal claws, licks and gnaws out not due to "running fleas" but the animal doing all those things injects its saliva, which is very powerful allergen and it causes those symptoms leading to self-mutilations. For such powerful allergy the pet needn't have the "army of fleas" only two or three fleas in the environment of the animal is enough and at allergies it is enough to be bitten only once and then it leads to symptoms of powerful allergy which lasts a lot of weeks, which without suitable antyallergic medicines, can lead to the end of psychical endurance of the animal and the owner, who can't stand the pawing the floor by his pet, even at night, the owner can't stand the constantly gnausing out the coat and even the pet hurts itself. The wounds which the pet has are infected by bacteria and its own teeth and paws become the real "zoo", because from those exuding wounds can be breeded almost everything, which has been discovered so far by bacteriology, microbiology and parasitology (including follice mite). The curing of those changes on the pet's skin lasts a lot of months and they often accompany the dog till the end of its life and cover veterinary medicine of shame in the eyes of the owner.

To tell the truth
we should say that the owner didn't realize and lived in the wrong belief, that his pet couldn't have the fleas, because he-the owner didn't see them and even if his pet was prawing he thought that anti-fleas shampoo or powder bought by him solve the problem of fleas forever. But the problem of removing the fleas is more serious and more composed. Best thing to do is preventing the animals from his first days of the using long-lasting means (for one month) and still repeating it till the advanced old age and we don't forget about using anti-fleas means in the environment of the dog.

From it appears that the fleas should be removed in two different ways:
1) on the animal
2) in the place where animal lives.

For the animal we should use such means, which won't cause the biting of fleas and their effectiveness last for very long time. Those are: anti-fleas dogs/cats - collars and modern means (spot on - which are poured on the skin), which used for the body of an animal join its cutide's grease, then they "flowing" in that grease and they are safely on the body for about month. The advantage of those means over the anti-fleas collars is very big, because the animal doesn't feel them, because they don't emit any smells and the animal never lose them, because they are constantly join its cuticle.